HeW Support Web Site

Through the HeW Support web site, clients can review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), open a support ticket, watch eLearning videos, access our training manuals, and more.  If you need assistance in logging into our Support web site for the first time, please reference FAQ 1037 or contact our Support Center at 877-565-5457, option 1.  Your Username and Password for the Support web site are not the same as your HeW Software login information, unless you set it to be the same.

HeW eLearning Videos

HeW makes available to current clients our eLearning videos through secure access to our Support web site.  Select the HeW University link to the right, log in, and begin viewing our intuitive training videos.  You can access these 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to fit your schedule.  

HeW Online Training Classes

HeW also offers complimentary online training classes for our software products and services.  Each class listed below is tailored to a specific software functionality or HeW Revenue Cycle Management solution. Click on a link to register for a class and you will receive an email confirmation which can be added to your electronic calendar. All classes are scheduled in Mountain Time. Prior to attending the class, please print the most current version of the appropriate manual found under FAQ 1010.  You will be prompted to log into our Support web site to access and print these manuals. 

HeW currently offers the following classes; click one of the links for more details:


Trainings for the time period of:  April 27th- May 15th.

Import Training

Entry Training

Secondary – Professional Claims Training

Secondary – Institutional Claims Training

  • Course Overview: Learn how to create and send secondary claims, using HeW Software for any payer accepting them electronically, including Medicare. This training is for clients who submit Institutional Claims on the UB04 claim form.
  • Prerequisite: Import Training or Entry Training
  • Training Materials: Login and print the Secondary Institutional Training Manual.
  • Class Length: 30 minutes
  • Registration: 


Eligibility Training

Remittance/Bill Secondary Training

Claim Status Training