Mobile Claims and Payment Dashboard

Analytical data and reporting provides actionable insight into daily operations and creates a positive impact on financial performance. To help simplify the collection process so more time can be spent on analysis and improvements, HeW developed an automated system to collect and store data related to claims, remittance, and workflow. This information is stored in a central location and accessible via computer or Smartphone.

Analytical Reporting

HeW analytical reports provide valuable information regarding your staff's claim management practices, including denial reasons or claim counts. HeW can also develop custom reports which more specifically meet individual client's management needs. Reports can be configured by the end user or contact HeW for assistance building the reports you need.

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Denial Management

HeW provides client with tools to assess and manage claim denials.  Using HeW systems, clients can easily identify and correct both front-end errors and back-end rejections, allowing for rapid resubmission. Scrubbers can be identified to reduce errors and billing process adjustments can be identified to reduce rejections. Utilizing HeW denial management solutions, clients are able to prevent future denials, in turn accelerating reimbursements and improving A/R days.

Custom Reporting

HeW recognizes that each client has unique needs.  To ensure clients are able to mine their data as needed, HeW also provides unlimited custom reports.  In the event the report layout or data supplied in the HeW Portal does not meet your needs, simply contact HeW to have a custom report built. HeW will provide the data in a format to aid your analysis or in a format that can be uploaded into your host system.  

Workflow Management

HeW Workflow Management is a valuable tool to aid claim management processes in your organization.  It enables office administrators to divide workload based on your unique healthcare setting.  Features include the ability to assign specific claims to billing staff, prioritize workflow, and creation of custom dashboard style reports to review staff efficiency and productivity.

  • Select from one or more parameters to assign claims to staff workqueues.
  • Individualized staff workqueues simplify claim processing and improve staff efficiency.
  • Prioritize the order claims are worked.
  • Reassign claims from one work queue to another.
  • Receive email notifications based on the age of the claim or the number of days a claim has been in a single work queue.
  • Create dashboard style reports, allow for a quick snapshot to assess efficiency and identify potential areas for improvement.

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