Preferred SoftwarePartners

HeW will work with ANY software vendor you choose.  Just make sure and tell the software company or reseller that you want to use HeW.

HeW prides itself in working with Channel Partners, including reputable Practice Management Systems (PMS), Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to ensure that our clients experience a streamlined EDI process.  You can feel confident that the entire EDI process with HeW will make any transition smooth and simple.

Preferred Software Partners


A leading mental health EHR designed specifically for Community Mental Health Centers.

                  Champ Software An Electronic Health Record designed specifically for public health by a premier Omaha System vendor. Flexible, affordable solutions for your charting needs.


ClaimTek Systems

Developer of MedOffice, a PMS system designed for billing companies with HL7 interface to EMR.

      FormDocs Formdocs' CMS-1500 medical billing software is an affordable solution for any healthcare practitioner, provider, and supplier. 


Developer of an EMR system for all specialties.


Healthcare Financial Solutions
Healthcare Financial Solutions 

Reseller of AltaPoint, a PMS system for all specialties .

       ICAN Since 1986, HeW has been bridging healthcare connections between patients, providers and payers. HeW offers revenue cycle management and clearinghouse services with the best service in the industry. HeW specializes in meeting the needs of mental healthcare providers and has special pricing packages available.
      NowMD Remarkably affordable patient accounting software for healthcare providers and medical billing services. Designed from the ground up for electronic claims.

Pimsy EMR

Developer of PIMSY, an EMR and PMS designed for the mental health specialty. 
Rural Health Partners

Rural Health Partners develops and implements operational excellence initiatives for rural hospitals and clinics using an innovative shared risk-reward model. These initiatives are focused on improving patient care, employee productivity and optimizing financial performance.  The resulting intellectual property in the form of systems, tools and processes is then utilized to benefit other partner facilities.


Speedysoft USA

Developer of Speedy Claims, a PMS system designed for smaller offices of any specialty.



Developer of SydaMed software designed for all specialties with HL7 interface to EMR.


TheraNest is practice management and therapy notes software specifically designed for mental health professionals and organizations ranging from solo practices to multi-provider agencies and non-profits. Learn more at



Developer of VertigaPM, a PMS and Electronic Billing Software for all specialties with HL7 interface to EMR. 

Software Partners



Reseller and support vendor of AltaPoint, a PMS and EMR systems designed for professional specialties.  They are also a support vendor for Medisoft practice management software.

          Beaver Creek Developer of the THERAPIST, a PMS for mental health providers and Aeris Basic, a PMS for all professional specialties.

Boss Inc. Software

Reseller of Lytec and AltaPoint, PMS systems for professional specialties.  Contact Bob Miller at 414-967-9689 or

           Complete Practice Solutions Reseller of eClinicalWorks, a PMS and EMR system for all specialties.

E6 Software

(dba as) M.D. Systems

Developer of E6 software, a PMS system for all professional specialties.



Reseller of NextGen, an  ambulatory EMR system that supports all professional specialties.  For more information, please contact Michael Ray at 916-397-3283

 Developer of Healthpac, a PMS system designed for billing companies and all specialties with HL7 interface to EMR.
          HealthTec Software Inc. Developer of Trilogy, an EMR and PMS system for all specialities.

LogiCom Computers

Reseller of Medisoft and Lytec, PMS and EMR systems for all specialties.  


Reseller of PMS and EMR sytems: Medisoft, Practice Choice, and Simplify MD.  In addition, MedCorp provides both software support and billing services.  For more information, please contact Tyler Barnes at 256-547-4425, ext. 306.



Developer of SequelMed, a PMS and EMR system for all professional specialties, billing companies and hospitals.
       Sevocity Sevocity empowers medical practices and health centers to embrace electronic health records (EHRs) by delivering an affordable, Cloud-based (Internet-based) EHR solution customized to each specialty, practice and provider. Sevocity is compatible with most Practice Management Systems.



Developer of VersaForm, a PMS and EMR system for professional specialties.



A leader in adaptive EMR, HIS and PMS software that is customizable for all specialties with a focus in rural health and critical access hospital healthcare settings.


Developer of Vital Monkey, a PMS system for professional specialties.