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Claims Displaying at PE when they are Accepted

Some Payer reports received yesterday 05/22/2014 from 4:00pm MDT through 12:00pm MDT 5/23/2014, may have resulted in Accepted claims being incorrectly changed to a PE Payer Error system status.

A few examples of the error messages you may see that indicate the claims were accepted are:, "Carrier Acknowledges Receipt of Claim, no Further Updates to Follow", or "ACK/Receipt - Accepted for Processing."

Please reference the Payer reports within the Inbox to confirm if the claim was accepted or rejected. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.




Remittance File Distribution Changes - Effective June 2, 2014

HeW will be implementing some changes to streamline our 835 remit routing process. Starting on Monday, June 2nd, remits will only be distributed to your account if both the NPI and the TAX ID present in the remit are on file with HeW for your account. Please take this opportunity to ensure HeW has the most current NPIs and Tax IDs for your practice(s).

If you have any questions, please contact the HeW Support Center at 1-877-565-5457, option 1.




Maximize Your Investment With HeW

Did you know HeW now offers Claim Status? Did you know HeW offers every client unlimited training and customer support?

We want to make sure each client is maximizing their investment with HeW and taking advantage of our complete spectrum of RCM services. Complimentary and additional contracted services are available. Contact HeW at 877-565-5457, option 2, to find out which benefits and services are accessible to you from the options listed below.

At HeW, we place a tremendous value on each of our clients large and small. Our goal is to establish strong and trusted relationships that contribute to the long term successfulness of both our company and yours.




May 17, 2014 Software Update

HeW Software - Release Notes.




Eligibility and Claim Status Verification

Did you know that through HeW you can perform Eligibility and Claim Status Verification? 

Eligibility Verification - request eligibility verification using either the HeW Software or by submitting 270 transactions to HeW to validate patient eligibility prior to admission, or rendering services.

Claim Status Verification - verify the status of a claim using either the HeW Software or by submitting 276 transactions and receive back a claim status response from the payer which outlines if the claim is denied, pending or finalized, etc.

HeW offers a Free solution for BCBS of Montana inquires for Eligibility and Claim Status. Eligibility and Claim Status are available for other payers for a minimal fee.

There is no better place to be able to request Eligibility and Claim Status Verification then through HeW!

Please contact us today to learn more about the benefits of using these services at 877-565-5457, option 2.




Senate Passes Bill To Delay ICD-10 Implementation

On March 31, 2014, the US Senate passed a bill to delay the planned ICD-10 implementation until on or after October 1, 2015. This bill will now proceed to President Obama for final approval or veto before it becomes law.

HeW is closely monitoring this situation and other government actions so that we will prepared to accommodate the needs of our clients based on these changes.

As your EDI partner, we understand the impact that the decision to delay the ICD-10 will have on your practice. We will be monitoring this situation and will keep you informed of potential impacts to testing and implementation strategies as soon as possible.

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